If you have started the app for the first time, you need to set the in the setup menu as the minimum the number of passages per set and enter the number of shots per pass. Before editing, you must release the edit in the upper left corner edit select. At the end, you end your entry by clicking on the button at the top right. If you change into the input mask now you can get started.


In addition, you have the possibility to enter the settings of the visor to later the same distance settings. If you add bows, arrows or even shooters to the database in the'more 'menu you can select them as you like. Then the respective arcs or arrows with the results and can be evaluated with. Thus also from the different arcs and arrows the attitudes of your visor and will be available later.


Here in the setup menu you can also set whether you want to shoot standard, 3D or even FITA rounds, corresponding input templates are available for selection. You can also create input templates yourself and use them accordingly.


Here is the overview of your results. Through the horizontal scrolling of the bars you can get through move your results. The bar between the vertical lines is displayed below the bar graph as a detail value displayed. Here you can also see the visor settings the name of the bow or the arrows used, as well as the distance, etc. If an info button is displayed next to the coordinates, you can tap it and see it map the place where you shot.


Here, you set the number of shots per set and the number of shots per pass. The setting of your visieres you can enter here, too, the corresponding shot is saved with the respective shot.


Under the item "Shooter", you can specifically enter your settings, e.g. With which bow you shoot or with arrows. If you want to record the results of several shooters, you can also select shooters here.


The selection of the arcs, arrows and shooters you can only make here if you have previously in the menu -more- accordingly arcs and arrows in the respective databases.


The picture shows an example of 6 sets per set and 6 shots per pass at a distance of 18 m. The visor settings can be adjusted as desired. As a shooter here is only a        shooter selected, here you can also select several shooters and enter for all the shot rings. The default template is selected here, you can also choose 3D shooting or FITA        rounds, but also create your own templates via the menu template in the main menu "more". New entries are only accepted when the new record is started.

Visor adjustment

Here you can see the visor settings you see in your shooting exercises    Selected arcs arrows and the distance. In the picture, only one setting is listed, but it can be as many as desired, more precisely all you have ever entered. First you see the distance, then the date, the name of the input template and the arc, as well as the sight settings.

Sight adjustment search

Here you can search for the corresponding sight setting by moving them over arcs, distance, arrows etc. So you can quickly find the required visor setting.


Here you set parameters for the app. You can delete all shooting results as well as delete the shooting and bend data together or start the repair of the databases if you have problems with the app. Here you can also set whether to shake the iPhone during the data input the whole sentence is to be deleted or whether you want to get a message at the beginning of a new sentence.


Here you are working on your database. You can enter your bows here with the corresponding configuration of the bows to select them later on shooting quickly and easily. Tap edit to release the input mask to enter the data. This allows you to change existing data. To enter a new arc, use the plus sign in the previous menu.


Here you have your arrow database. You enter your arrows with the appropriate configuration and can to select them later on shooting quickly and easily. Tap Edit to release the input mask to enter the data. This allows you to change existing data. To enter a new arrow, use the plus sign in the previous menu.


Here you managed your protection database. Here you can enter the shooters who shoot with you and they later easily from the setup menu. You can also manage your data here.


If the templates that the app already has not enough, you can build own templates here. You can take finished   And then copying them, then, e.g. Individual things. You can create very own templates and then also these   Later on shooting.


To make an entry, you must release the edit by tapping Edit. In the "Templates" group, the upper input field is the name of the template, it is freely selectable. After that is a selection field in which you can choose the type, standard, FITA or 3D shooting. Number of ratings indicates the number of rows in the table of the "arrows" group. In this example, there are 4 for the rating "0, Body, Kill, Center Kill".

In the "Information" group, you can describe the template.

The group distance includes the number of shots per series and the number of series per set. Then you can enter several different distances, this is interesting at FITA laps.

The "Rating of the arrows" group has three columns. The first column shows the name of the input field that is displayed when you enter it. The second column shows the number of the arrow at which was shot. The last column shows the arrow for the respective input field. If you want to create your own templates, you can copy existing templates and make these adjustments, which makes it easier to create your own template.


Here you can select individual shooting results, check again, if necessary delete or also by email as    PDF file.

Edit results

Here you can select individual shooting results, check again, if necessary delete or also by email as    Download PDF file.